Anna Koroknyai - Master Trainer

My motto isĀ Move And Thrive.

It is my goal to inspire you to find a way to move and thrive.

I believe that finding a way to exercise the body on a daily basis puts us in touch with our strength.

I believe it is essential to be reminded daily how strong we are so that we can face life’s challenges head on.

While it may seem impossible to fit working out into your already hectic schedule, I assure you it is worth the effort.

My Passion For Fitness

  • Traditional weight training
  • Core/cardio/balance
  • Boot camp-type weight loss
  • Flexibility training
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Dancer’s workout
  • Yoga and breath work

From a young age I found myself overcoming life’s adversities with exercise. Running, dance, kick boxing, weight lifting, and recently yoga.

It’s amazing how quickly you can turn a bad day around if you tap into your own strength.

My main focus is core strength and proper posture. Our true strength comes from these two things.

Whatever fitness goal you are working on, we will find a way to get there!